Articles by Becky Quintal


How versatile is the Elastic Stack? Ask Walmart, NASA, or Airbus.

Learn how the Elastic Stack is used across diverse industries to empower customers, communities, and, even, interplanetary exploration.


Bringing customers the best Elastic experience on Alibaba Cloud

Pankaj Khushani, Sr. Director of Partners at Elastic, tells us what’s unique about the Elastic and Alibaba Cloud partnership and why Elastic received Alibaba Cloud’s Walking Together Award.


How does search solve data problems?

While having more data can be challenging, it also brings more ways to derive meaningful insights to improve business operations and drive revenue. Efficiently searching that data for signals and patterns is critical for creating new opportunities.


How a swarm of satellites and Elastic help BlackSky build near real-time business analytics reports

BlackSky uses the Elastic Stack to build business intelligence reports using near real-time data from a variety of sensor networks and data feeds.


Why Nine Publishing rebuilt their infrastructure using search solutions

Australia’s Nine Publishing mapped out a new, modern infrastructure with the Elastic Stack to centralize application search, logging, and analytics.