How a swarm of satellites and Elastic help BlackSky build near real-time business analytics reports

This post is a recap of a community talk given at a recent Elastic{ON} Tour event. Interested in seeing more talks like this? Check out the conference archive or find out when the Elastic{ON} Tour is coming to a city near you.

BlackSky monitors the globe from space, the air, the ground, the internet, environmental sensors, asset tracking sensors, satellites in space, social media feeds, industrial IoT, and other sources too numerous to name. Once gathered in their Elastic-powered analytics engine, all of the data from these disparate sources is correlated, compared, and cleaned. Big data analytics algorithms — including machine learning, artificial intelligence, and computer vision — identify trends, patterns, and anomalies. All of this comes together quickly enough to give BlackSky customers near real-time intelligence. 

At the Elastic{ON} Tour in Washington, DC, BlackSky CTO Scott Herman shows how satellite imagery coupled with other sources of intelligence can predict changes in commodity prices, construction delays, or even political unrest. In the short video below, Scott talks about monitoring and detecting anomalies at an air field on foreign soil.

To learn more about BlackSky's impressive monitoring and alerting activities, watch the full presentation.