Elastic{ON} 2018: Announcing the Fourth Official Elasticsearch User Conference

I personally believe that the culture of a company is created not by any one decision, but by thousands of small decisions made by hundreds of individuals. The culture of Elastic{ON} is no different. It is not the product of where we hold the conference or what we put on the walls, but of the thousands of personal interactions, meaningful conversations, and individual lightbulb moments that happen when you bring committed users from an open source community into the same physical space.

This community inspires us to build better products that end up living up to what you, our users, expect us to bring to the table. Whether it’s through simply using our products, being innovative around new use cases, contributing code and effort in documentation, or opening issues around something that just doesn’t work, you continue to be the most critical drivers of new products and ideas.

And from 27 February to 1 March of next year, more than 400 of your biggest fans from Elastic will be anxiously waiting to meet and talk with you at Elastic{ON} 2018 in San Francisco.

Why? Because there is no “average” Elastic{ON} attendee. Every one of you is doing something creative that we want to hear about, bumping into problems we want to try and solve, and coming up with use cases we haven’t even dreamed about.

We care deeply about the user experience you have when you embrace and deploy our products. We try to imagine, what is the first download experience that a user has? What is it like, that moment when you go and click download into your laptop and you’re there to try to solve a problem? And are our products living up to solving that problem? We want to talk with you about it at Elastic{ON} 2018.

This year, there are a few things that I, personally, am really excited about.

  • We’re launching a new Opportunity Grant Program to help individuals from underrepresented groups bring their voices and ideas to Elastic{ON}.
  • In keeping with our firm belief that diversity and inclusion make a stronger company and a better community, we’ll be hosting our third annual women in tech breakfast event, which will be open to all who share those values.
  • For the second year, the Elastic Cause Awards will be recognizing users who are doing extraordinary and meaningful work with the Elastic Stack.
  • We’re expecting the all-time largest group of Elastic Stack users from around the world, which means more amazing stories and technical presentations than ever from many of you.

It really is mind blowing to think about how much the conference has grown since 2015, but the culture and the heart of Elastic{ON} remains the same. At Elastic we continue to work each day to make simple things simple and difficult things possible. At Elastic{ON} we get to share what the future holds and see what kind of amazing and difficult things our users are doing and what new tools we need to build for them. I hope you’ll join us in San Francisco.

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