Elastic Contributors: Announcing new features and ways to earn points


We created the Elastic Contributor Program in 2019 to reward and recognize the hard work of our awesome contributors, encourage knowledge sharing within the Elastic community, and build friendly competition around contributions. Over four cycles and through Contributors’ invaluable feedback, we’ve learned so much and are committed to expanding the program with new features and ways to earn points.

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What’s new?

1. Additional opportunities to earn bonus points

Contributors can now earn bonus points for submitting content in different solutions and contribution types. We encourage our contributors to venture outside of one solution area, so we provide bonus points to those who submit at least three contributions under Elastic’s solutions (i.e., Elastic Enterprise Search, Elastic Observability, and Elastic Security).

We love to see content contributed in a variety of ways, so we are also awarding bonus points for multiple contribution types: submit at least five contributions under different categories (e.g., presentation, code, video, event organization, translation, written content, and technical Q&A) and the additional points will be automatically scored once the five contributions that fit the criteria are submitted and validated.

2. We accept code contributions made to non-Elastic repositories

Do you have a contribution that lives in a non-Elastic repository? No problem! Contributors can submit demos and projects using Elastic in non-Elastic repositories. Visit our rules page to learn more.

3. Extra points for referring a contributor

Do you know someone who would be an excellent fit for the program? Take advantage of our referral bonus and earn extra points once your referral makes their first valid contribution. 

4. Dispute declined contributions

We released a new dispute feature. If your contribution is declined, you can see the reasoning and dispute it directly within the app.

5. View other participants’ contributions

Our Contributors asked, and we listened! We recently implemented a new feature where members can browse through other Contributors’ profiles to view previous contributions. This is a great way to get ideas and continue knowledge sharing among our Community. 

Over 250 contributors have joined the program, across four cycles, with almost 3,000 contributions submitted to date! Check out the leaderboard for our regions, EMEA, AMERICAS, and APJ, and meet the top Contributors. 

Thinking about becoming a Contributor?

If you are still deciding if you should join, check out this blog post highlighting five things you may not have realized about participating in the program! Check out all the new rules and start contributing today.