Careers at Elastic | Engineering Teams

If there’s one team that’s at the heart of all we do at Elastic, it’s our Engineering team. From our core products to the philosophy that guides what we do and how we do it, the Engineering team plays an integral role in the tangible impact we have on the world.

Being an engineer at Elastic is a multi-faceted role. Our engineers write code, provide support, and write a lot of blogs. But more than anything else, it is from within the Engineering team that we’ve adopted some of the core tenets of our Source Code. It’s from their camp that we see the effort involved in making the complicated things simple, and how we, as a company, can make products that stand the test of time.

Starting with a small team of a dozen, our engineering team has grown immensely and is now spread all around the world. Which is fine by us — we’re distributed by design, for the better. Our distributed nature has made a huge impact on how we develop our products, and how we grow as a company.

But what makes working at Elastic really different? Hear what some of our Elasticians have to say:

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