Articles by Ty Bekiares

Principal Solutions Architect, Elastic

Ty Bekiares is a Principal Solutions Architect with Elastic. Ty thinks about observability coming from a 20+ year background of architecting and developing production software.


Why do customers choose Elastic for logs?

Elastic helped define centralized logging; now we’re redefining the value modern logging tools can bring. We discuss how ES|QL, ML, AI, and OTel enable customers to transform logging from a reactive debugging tool to a proactive observability signal.


3 models for logging with OpenTelemetry and Elastic

Because OpenTelemetry increases usage of tracing and metrics with developers, logging continues to provide flexible, application-specific, and event-driven data. Explore OpenTelemetry logging and how it provides guidance on the available approaches.


Modern observability and security on Kubernetes with Elastic and OpenTelemetry

Take a deep-dive into deploying Elastic for Kubernetes observability and security. Understand why managing Kubernetes can be a challenge and how to leverage OpenTelemetry with the power of the Elastic search and analytics platform to ensure success.