Articles By Samantha Dodge

18 April 2019 User Stories

Improving speed and reliability with the Elastic Stack and Elastic Cloud Enterprise

By Samantha Dodge

Find out how the Elastic Stack and Elastic Cloud Enterprise are helping CSG Ascendon manage business operations for clients around the world.

11 March 2019 User Stories

Switching to Elasticsearch to Improve Cybersecurity for the World’s Fastest Supercomputer

By Samantha Dodge

Discover why the cybersecurity experts at Oak Ridge National Laboratory switched from Splunk to Elasticsearch.

20 February 2019 User Stories

From ELK Stack to Elastic Cloud Enterprise: Scaling Up Capabilities at John Deere

By Samantha DodgeChandler Gibbons

Learn how John Deere is using the Elastic Stack to scale its mobile applications and deliver valuable agricultural data to farmers.

18 May 2017 User Stories

Using Elasticsearch to Manage a Supercomputer’s Hot, Warm, and Cold Architecture

By Samantha Dodge

At NESRC, IT operations counts on Elasticsearch to handle its massive time series log and metric database.