Articles by Ricardo Ferreira

Elastic Observability Lead, Elastic


How to automate verification of deployments with Argo Rollouts and Elastic Observability

Deployment strategies like blue-green and canary allow building and shipping your software releases with control. But this doesn't mean that you are error-free. But you can minimize the damage by integrating Argos Rollout and Elastic Observability.


Building software reliability with distributed tracing


No more searching for a needle in a haystack: A world where Elastic & StackState team up

If you’re already using Elastic Observability, you know the major advantage of bringing your monitoring data together into a unified view. When you add StackState on top of Elastic’s strong data foundation, you enrich it with a deep, real-time view.


Elastic Contributor Program: How to contribute code

Everything that Elastic builds is free and open and we love to receive contributions from the community. Not sure how to contribute or get started? We’ll share a few tips on how to contribute with code.


Elastic Contributor Program: Tips for creating written content

Knowledge sharing is an important part of the open source community, and written content is a great way to share your knowledge. Not sure what to write about or how to get started? We’ll share a few tips on writing about your Elastic experience.