Articles by Pius Fung

Support Engineer, Elastic

Pius is one of the founding members of the Elastic Support team. Prior to Elastic, Pius was a support lead at Oracle and Rockwell Automation. Apart from helping customers, Pius enjoys developing CRM integration tools and finding bubble tea with the best balance of tea, milk, and sugar.


Monitoring Elastic Enterprise Search performance using Elastic APM

New Elastic APM integration for Elastic Enterprise Search enables our developers to quickly pinpoint performance bottlenecks in Enterprise Search.


'Cause We're Living in a (Reporting) World

This follow-up blog post walks you through the exciting reporting improvements in X-Pack and provides tips on troubleshooting a few common issues.


You get a report! You get a report!

This blog post talks about how you can use Reporting and Watcher integration on Elastic Cloud to schedule the delivery of PDF reports.


Practicing The Art of Zen(desk) With The Elastic Stack

This blog post talks about how you can use the Elastic Stack to search, discover and visualize data from Zendesk.


Clustering Across Multiple Data Centers

Can I run an Elasticsearch cluster across multiple data centers?