Articles by Megan Radogna



How to make progress on managing unstructured data

A conversation between guest Forrester Consulting and Elastic explores how applying search-powered technology to unify, visualize, and scale data can enable organizations to be more insights-driven.


Increase the velocity of your digital transformation through search-powered tech

Organizations in the midst of digital transformation are dealing with huge amounts of data. Data quality, access, and usability can improve with the help of search-powered technology.


Key to reducing cybersecurity risk: search-powered technology

Cybersecurity was the top business priority organizations used search-powered technology for today, according to a study conducted by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Elastic.


What is search-powered technology and why do 84% of execs say it's the key to digital transformation?

Search-powered technology enables the search of data across multiple sources — a critical functionality that helps organizations drive speed, scale, and productivity in the next wave of digital transformation.


5 ways to contain your next (inevitable) cybersecurity breach quickly

A recent study of 1,200 cybersecurity professionals emphasized these tactics for more effective incident response and recovery from a cybersecurity breach.


Why almost half of organizations want to replace their SIEM

According to new research, 44% of organizations are looking to replace or augment their SIEM. Here's what's driving the change.


What’s the future of DevSecOps? 3 predictions on how IT Ops and Security are changing

The future of DevSecOps may be swayed by how organizations use observability data, integrate expertise across teams, and empower their leaders. These approaches could help maximize the possibilities of data — which Elastic can help users achieve.