Articles by Kuniyasu Sen


A simplified stack monitoring experience in Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes

Now, in Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK), the Elasticsearch and Kibana resources have been enhanced to let you specify a reference to a monitoring cluster. If you're new to ECK, here are the steps to get started.


Life @ Elastic | Kuni Sen on finding the balance to be more efficient at work

Hear from Kuni Sen on being a part of the Elastic Support team, finding balance in a culture where it’s common to work long days and the reasons why you should join Elastic if you’re in the Asia-Pacific and Japan region.


How to implement Japanese full-text search in Elasticsearch

Learn about the considerations and details for implementing full-text search in Japanese. We'll explore using n-gram and morphological analysis to build a powerful inverted index.


Implementing Japanese autocomplete suggestions in Elasticsearch

Learn how to use morphological analysis to implement autocomplete suggestions for Japanese search implementations. The concepts explored within this blog can be applied to any language where words aren't broken up by spaces.


Dictionary update behavior for CJK language analyzers

Gain a better understanding of CJK dictionary updates and improve the search experience for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean users.


How to setup TLS for Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash and Filebeat with offline install in Linux

How to transmit fully-encrypted log data from Filebeat to logstash to elasticsearch to kibana, along with offline install, in Linux OS.