Articles by Ken Exner


Serve more with Serverless

Elastic’s serverless architecture is the easiest way to search, observe, and protect without needing to configure or manage. Do more with unprecedented scale, product experiences that streamline work, and ultra-fast search even on object stores.


Elastic and Opster join forces to help users take charge of their search operations

Elastic has entered into an agreement to acquire Opster, which provides tools to monitor and manage Elasticsearch. These capabilities will help our users get more from their deployments and make our cloud offering easier to operate.


Elastic contributes Elastic Common Schema (ECS) to OpenTelemetry (OTel), helping accelerate adoption of OTel-based observability and security

Elastic Common Schema, an open source specification, was accepted by the OpenTelemetry project supporting a common schema for metrics, logs, traces, and events data. Learn how this can help with your observability and security efforts.


2022 Elastic Global Threat Report: Helping security leaders navigate today’s threat landscape

A significant percentage of all cyber threats achieve a degree of success against technical, procedural, and human mitigations. So what is a company to do in the face of such unfavorable odds? Find out in this article.