Articles by Josh Bressers

Principal Product Security Engineer, Elastic

Principal Product Security Engineer


How to prevent an Elasticsearch server breach

Learn more about how data breaches come about and how users can best protect against them in the context of Elasticsearch.


Tips to secure Elasticsearch clusters for free with encryption, users, and more

Elasticsearch security is now free. This post revisits best practices for securing your clusters, including TLS, native and file realm authentication, and more.


Getting started with Elasticsearch security


Analyzing Bitcoin Price Behavior with Elasticsearch & Kibana

You've heard of Bitcoin, but do you know how it works? Learn the concepts behind this cryptocurrency and how to analyze its valuation with the Elastic Stack.


How to Secure your Elasticsearch Clusters using Kerberos

Learn how to configure Elasticsearch to support Kerberos authentication for HTTP traffic using Elastic Stack security functionality.


Elastic Stack 6.3.0 and 6.3.1 May Disable Security for Trial Licenses

If you are currently using a trial license with Elastic Stack 6.2.x or earlier, X-Pack security functionality may be disabled when upgrading to 6.3.0 or 6.3.1.


Elasticsearch 6.2.0 released

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Elasticsearch 6.2.0, based on Lucene 7.2.1.


Sense Chrome plugin malware issue

Elastic has been made aware that the Chrome webstore has marked the Sense browser plugin as malware. The plugin in question is not affiliated with Elastic.


Default Security for Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack

Changes to default security feature are coming to Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack. Here's a first look at what to expect.