Articles By Joe Fleming

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28 September 2016 Releases

Reporting 2.4.2 Released

By Joe Fleming

Reporting 2.4.2 is released. Includes bug fixes and an important interaction change.

31 August 2016 Releases

Reporting 2.4.0 released

By Joe Fleming

Reporting for Kibana is generally available today, ahead of the planned 5.0.0 release

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10 March 2016 Releases

Kibana 4.4.2, 4.3.3, and 4.1.6 Released

By Joe Fleming

Maintenance releases that upgrade node.js to address security issues upstream, as well as several bugfixes

05 January 2016 Engineering

Development Tooling Behind Kibana

By Joe Fleming

Kibana development requires a little bit of work to get started with. These are some tools to ease the process.

08 September 2015 Releases

Kibana 4.1.2 Now Available

By Joe Fleming

A Kibana maintenance release that makes your data better by fixing a bunch of labels, including labels on filters and visualizations. Get it now.

31 July 2015 Engineering

Stick With It - Pinned Filters in Kibana

By Joe Fleming

Pinned Filters let you craft filters in one part of Kibana as a simple, one-click operation and take those filters with you, easy as pie.