Product release

Kibana 4.4.2, 4.3.3, and 4.1.6 Released

Last month, we dropped some patch releases to address security fixes in Node. This month, we're doing the same thing again. Thankfully, the version bumps here address the OpenSSL CacheBleed issue.

Since we're cutting releases again, we decided to roll in some bugfixes to the 4.3 and 4.4 versions while we were at it. We also made a major version bump to node to help address some memory leak issues when connecting to Elasticsearch over SSL. For more details on that, see this issue on the Kibana repo.

You can download the latest and greatest version of Kibana at our downloads page, and for more details about the bugfixes that made it in, see below.

4.4.2 Changes

  • #6420 - Bump node to v4.3.2
  • #6353 - Add basePath to short URLs
  • #6228 - HTML unsafe characters in field names no longer break Kibana
  • #6083 - Plugin installer support for .tgz file types
  • #5971 - Fix active search source hover background issue
  • #5942 - Fix for save button disabled when opening spy panel
  • #6133 and #6103 - Distro packages now have a description, vendor, maintainer, url, license and priority metadata

4.3.3 Changes

  • #6420 - Bump node to v4.3.2
  • #5672 - Show error on export if no saved objects
  • #5668 - Fix plugin optimize path

4.1.6 Changes

  • #6420 Bump node to v4.3.2