Articles By Haley Eshagh

09 November 2018 Culture

Ringing Ze Bell: Our Distributed Celebrations

By Haley Eshagh

A snapshot of the day we "rang ze bell" and celebrated quite a day across our distributed company.

16 April 2018 News

Recap: Elasticsearch Machine Learning Forecasting on Time Series Data

By Haley Eshagh

From a single metric job creation to scheduled events and forecasting — a look at the latest with Elastic machine learning features.

31 May 2017 Releases

A New Elasticsearch Frontier: Elastic Cloud Enterprise 1.0 GA

By Haley EshaghBaha Azarmi

Provision, manage, and monitor Elasticsearch, Kibana, and X-Pack the way you want, in the environment you choose.

18 April 2017 News

Hosted Elasticsearch Services Roundup: Elastic Cloud and Amazon Elasticsearch Service

By Haley EshaghTyler Hannan

What's the difference between Elastic Cloud, Amazon's Elasticsearch Service, and vanilla Elasticsearch on AWS? Let us explain.

10 April 2017 User Stories

The Elasticsearch SIEM Architecture of a Nonprofit: Security at The Nature Conservancy

By Haley Eshagh

Security analytics with the Elastic Stack at a distributed, conservation-based organization on a nonprofit budget.

23 March 2017 Culture

On Indexing Heartbeats and Ballet into Elasticsearch

By Haley Eshagh

That time we wired up a ballerina with sensors and indexed her movements in Elasticsearch for visualization in Kibana.

22 March 2017 Culture

A Snapshot of the Elastic Timeline & How It All Came Together

By Haley Eshagh

We put nine years of Elastic history on a 92-foot-long-by-18-foot-high wall.

08 September 2016 User Stories

Elastic Support: An Investment That Keeps Paying Off at Symantec

By Lauren JohnsonHaley Eshagh

Even with 18 years of search experience and a PhD in computer science, this senior Symantec engineer finds value in Elastic’s dedicated support and training.

25 July 2016 User Stories

Security and Alerting for Elasticsearch: A Vandis Story (Part 2)

By Haley Eshagh

It’s just another day when Shield, Watcher, Marvel, and Beats help Vandis identify and resolve problems before their customers know anything’s amiss.