Articles by Enrico Zimuel

Tech Lead - Principal Software Engineer

Enrico is a tech lead and principal software engineer on the Clients team. He is leading the open source libraries for dynamically typed languages. He is an expert in web API and SDK design with many contributions to open source projects since 2009. He is a TEDx and international speaker. Enrico is also a computer science adjunct professor at the University of Turin in Italy.


Elastic Stack 8.11.2 released

Read about the updates and bug fixes that have been included in this release.


Elasticsearch and Arduino: Better together!

We are happy to announce a new, easier-than-ever way to communicate with Elasticsearch using Arduino boards! A simple but powerful library leading to many new opportunities for all.


How to use Elasticsearch to prompt ChatGPT with natural language

This blog post presents an experimental project for querying Elasticsearch in natural language using ChatGPT.


Introducing the new PHP client for Elasticsearch 8

We released a new PHP client for Elasticsearch 8 using the PSR-7 and PSR-18 standards. This release offers a new pluggable architecture and a better developer experience, avoiding BC breaks at the same time.