Articles By Daniel Mitterdorfer

29 May 2018 Engineering

Seven Tips for Better Elasticsearch Benchmarks

By Daniel Mitterdorfer

We evaluate performance and guide development in Elasticsearch with benchmarks. It is hard to get right but with these seven tips you avoid common problems.

30 March 2017 Engineering

Honey, you have changed quite a bit lately, haven't you?

By Daniel Mitterdorfer

Seemingly small JVM tweaks can have a dramatic impact on application performance. In this article we share one of our recent encounters of that kind.

13 February 2017 Engineering

We are out of memory (or: Why systemd process limits ruined my day)

By Daniel Mitterdorfer

How do you fix an OutOfMemoryError? Easy: You either have a resource leak to fix or you need to assign more memory. But it's not always such a clear-cut case.

23 August 2016 Engineering

Benchmarking REST client and transport client

By Daniel Mitterdorfer

In this post we compare the performance of the new REST based client coming in Elasticsearch 5.0 with the transport client.

19 April 2016 Engineering

Announcing Rally: Our benchmarking tool for Elasticsearch

By Daniel Mitterdorfer

Rally, our benchmarking tool for Elasticsearch is released as open source