Articles by Chris Cowan

Principal Engineer II, Elastic

Principal Engineer II

Chris is an engineer for Elastic who works on the Observability team. In his time at Elastic he's also contributed to Kibana and Stack Monitoring. In a past life, he was a world champion minivan driver with an affinity for changing diapers and swaddling babies.


Visualizing observability with Kibana: Event rates and rate of change in TSVB

Time series analysis is a key component of system observability. In this blog, learn how use Kibana and TSVB to properly visualize different rates — event rate, rate of change, document counts, etc. — based on the shape of their metric.


Time Series, Annotations, and Anomalies with Kibana

Add annotations to your time series chart directly from the anomalies detected by a machine learning job.


Kibana's New Time Series Visual Builder - Part 2


Master time with Kibana’s new time series visual builder

An introduction to Kibana's new time series visual builder.