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Kibana Product Manager, Elastic

Kibana Product Manager

Alex Francoeur is a member of the Product Management team and primarily focuses on Kibana. Prior to joining Elastic, he has spent nearly the last decade in the IT Ops and APM space. Alex lives in the Boston area and is passionate about data analytics, design and user experience.


Elastic deepens workflow integrations with ServiceNow to improve team productivity

Elastic deepens integrations with ServiceNow ITSM, SIR, and ITOM streamlining observability and security workflows and enhancing practitioner productivity.


Kibana 7.7.0 released

Kibana 7.7 adds a new alerting framework that supports Observability, Security, and the rest of the Elastic Stack. Also in this release: Kibana Lens visuals in Canvas, point clustering for Elastic Maps, and machine learning in all of Observability


Life @ Elastic | Product Management with Alex Francoeur

In this Life @ Elastic we hear from Alex Francoeur about the challenges, the joys, and what it takes to be a product manager at Elastic.


Kibana 7.4.0 released

New features include: PKI authentication, copying to Spaces, reusable queries and filters, custom time ranges in dashboard panels, new UIs, and more.


Elastic Maps 7.4.0 released

New in Elastic Maps 7.4.0: custom color ramps, vector shapes with filters, point to point data paths, Elastic SIEM integration, vector tiles, and much more.


Elastic Maps is now generally available

We are excited to announce that Elastic Maps is now generally available and ready to take your geospatial analysis to the next layer.


Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail with the Elastic Stack - Part 3: Mission Complete

Mike's reached Canada, and Canvas has reached beta! Coincidence? Yes! Find out how he did as we run his stats through ML and visualize them in Canvas. Go Mike!


Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail with the Elastic Stack - Part 2: Hitting 1000

The Elastic Stack can be used for many things. In this post, we'll be monitoring the journey from the Mexican border to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail.


Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail with the Elastic Stack