Articles By Alvin Chen

20 December 2018 Engineering

Functionbeat: Serverless Ingestion for Elasticsearch

By Pier-Hugues PellerinAlvin Chen

With Functionbeat, it's never been easier to ingest serverless cloud data - like Cloudwatch Logs - into Elasticsearch. Learn about our new FaaS data shipper.

13 December 2018 Engineering

Introducing Beats Central Management in the Elastic Stack

By Alvin ChenMatt Apperson

New in 6.5, learn how to manage all of your Beats from one location with the new Beats Central Management UI in Kibana.

27 August 2018 Engineering

Azure Cloud Monitoring with the Elastic Stack

By Alvin Chen

Introducing the Azure monitoring module plugin. Unlock insights into your Azure user activity, infrastructure changes, and AzureSQL Database health, and more.

08 March 2018 Engineering

Monitoring Azure with the Elastic Stack - Feedback Welcome

By Alvin Chen

The upcoming Logstash Azure Monitoring module will be the easiest way to monitor your Azure infrastructure and services with the Elastic Stack.

14 November 2017 Releases

Logstash 6.0.0 GA Released

By Andrew CholakianAlvin Chen

We're incredibly proud to announce the best Logstash ever with Logstash 6.0.0!

12 September 2017 News

Introducing the Elastic Stack ArcSight Integration

By Alvin ChenMike Paquette

The new Elastic Stack ArcSight integration makes it easier than ever for ArcSight users to explore their security event logs in the Elastic Stack.

01 February 2016 Engineering

Logstash Moving Away from Node Protocol and Multiline Filter

By Alvin Chen

Logstash is moving away from the node protocol and multiline filter. Here we'll outline the reasons along with the recommended alternatives.

14 December 2015 Engineering

Introducing Community Maintainers for Logstash Plugins

By Alvin Chen

An introduction to the initial Logstash plugins community maintainers and information on how others can join in on the fun!