What's new in Logstash 7.11.0

We are happy to announce the general availability of the Logstash 7.11.0 release. This is the latest stable release and is now available for download! Please refer to the release notes for the complete list of features and bug fixes.

In this release, we have made a few strides towards improving the user experience for the centralized pipeline management (CPM) feature. The focus was on resolving top requested user asks that have been outstanding for some time now.

Dynamically add pipelines with Central Pipeline Management

CPM has been a popular feature within the Logstash community for centrally managing fleets of Logstash instances along with their pipeline configurations. Users often use CPM to manage multiple pipelines per Logstash, and it was historically difficult to add additional pipelines to online Logstash instances without a restart. As this was an operational burden, we have now introduced an option of defining pipelines with wildcards which automatically picks up and runs new matching pipelines that are defined in CPM.

In the past, users would list all the CPM managed pipelines they wanted to run in Logstash with the setting in the logstash.yml. With wildcarding now available, the configuration is much more flexible and the experience for adding new pipelines on-the-fly becomes completely dynamic. Here are a few examples of usage: ["*"]    // Matches all pipelines ["prod_*", "infra_pipeline"]    // Matches production pipelines

Delete and recreate pipeline workflows

There has also been a long-standing issue in CPM where deletion of pipelines would not actually clear the pipeline registry. Therefore, the recreation of a pipeline with the same name and configuration was problematic. With the Logstash 7.11.0 release, this issue has now been resolved.

Try it yourself!

Please download Logstash 7.11.0, try it, and let us know what you think on Twitter (@elastic) or in our forums and community Slack. You can report any bugs or feature requests on the Logstash Github issues page or within the respective plugin repositories.