0.90.0.RC2 Released

elasticsearch version 0.90.0.RC2 is out, the last release candidate before the 0.90 release. You can download it here.

This version contains a number of bug fixes and enhancements which bring us closer to a stable release of 0.90. It is also our first release to make an RPM available, which should work for RedHat, Fedora and openSUSE.

Some of the changes are:

  • Upgrade to Lucene 4.2.1, which fixes a bug which could produce data loss #2812
  • Threadpools now default to a fixed size, based on the number of processes, instead of "cached". This will help to prevent "thread explosions" which can compound problems when a node is undergoing degraded performance. #2858
  • Warmers now have their own threadpool, so that they don't interfere with search requests #2815
  • Fielddata, filter and ID caches can now be viewed per-index, instead of just per-node #2862, #2870
  • Sorting on multi-value fields has been extended to work for geo-points  #1846
  • Aliases are processed more efficiently, making clusters with hundreds of thousands of aliases more feasible

Upgrading to it from previous 0.90.* releases is highly recommended.

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