Migrating from Adobe Search & Promote?

Search everything, anywhere with Elastic Enterprise Search

Easily add powerful, modern search experiences to your website, custom apps, ecommerce storefront, or internal workplace with Elastic Enterprise Search. With flexible deployment options that let you choose between self-managed or cloud, Elastic gives you the freedom to create rich, highly interactive search experiences in minutes.

Elastic Enterprise Search is composed of three unique products tailored to meet your specific search requirements with tunable relevance controls and comprehensive reporting to make sense of your customers’ and employees’ content needs.

As with Adobe Search & Promote, Elastic Enterprise Search products include result ranking, typo-tolerance, query suggest, synonyms, and easy relevance tuning to personalize each search experience.

Elastic App Search

Elastic App Search offers the focused power of Elasticsearch in a refined set of APIs and well-maintained clients with robust analytics.

Elastic Search

Elastic Search makes all of your team's content findable, fast with pre-built integrations to Salesforce, SharePoint, Slack, Jira, and more.

Elastic Site Search

Elastic Site Search is the easiest way to add search to your website with no experience needed. We'll even bring the search box.

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