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What's new in Elastic APM? A whole lot!

Hosted by:

Neha Duggal
Neha Duggal

Principal Product Manager


Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith

Principal Product Marketing Manager



Elasticsearch is the perfect place to store your logs, metrics, and application performance monitoring (APM) data. All of your operational data in one place gives you greater visibility into all aspects of your infrastructure and application ecosystem.

Watch this video to learn about the latest additions to Elastic APM, including new agents, support for new frameworks, and additional features like aggregate service breakdown charts, sample configuration right from the APM app in Kibana, and, of course, the long anticipated .NET agent. We'll talk about some of the exciting administration capabilities in Elastic APM, as well as completely new ways to quickly identify trouble spots in your applications.

We'll also show how search helps leverage and navigate the relationships between application traces and your logs and metrics data.


  • New agents, supported frameworks
  • Improved administration
  • Additional troubleshooting capabilities
  • Integrations with logs, metrics, and uptime solutions

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