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Kibana Lens: An easy, intuitive way to visualize data

Hosted by

Dustin Smith
Dustin Smith

Principal Product Marketing Manager


Hemant Malik
Hemant Malik

Senior Principal Solutions Architect



Welcome to Kibana Lens, a simple and intuitive way for everyone to visualize their data inside of Kibana. With a drag-and-drop interface, one-click data exploration features, and the power to provide visualization suggestions, Lens is the fastest way to uncover insights in your Elasticsearch data.

Learn how Lens can help both experienced and brand new Kibana users. We’ll run through how to streamline existing analysis activities and demo how easy it is to visualize your data.


  • Live demonstration of Kibana Lens
  • Introduction to fundamental concepts inside of Lens, like field preview, smart suggestions, and chart selection
  • Visualizing data from multiple index patterns within Lens

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