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Visualizing your observability data through the Kibana Lens: Intro and overview

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Jamie Smith

Principal Product Marketing Manager


Dustin Smith

Principal Product Marketing Manager



In this webinar we'll show you how to get even more value from your observability data in the Elastic Stack. We will provide a high-level overview of Elastic Observability, including how to get observability data into the Elastic Stack, how to navigate the dedicated observability applications, and getting started with the out-of-the-box visualizations and dashboards. We will dive deep into Kibana Lens and demonstrate how to tackle ad hoc data analysis questions across multiple facets of observability. Then we'll discuss approaches to plotting business metrics and KPIs alongside your observability data.


  • Introduction to observability
  • Elastic Observability: From ingest to insight
  • Overview of out-of-the-box observability visualizations and dashboards
  • Extending your observability experience using Kibana
  • Introduction to Kibana Lens
  • How to answer ad hoc questions with visualizations
  • Discussion on business KPIs alongside your observability data

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