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Getting Started with Elastic Cloud Part 3:
How to get data into a cloud cluster from another cluster

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Eric Westberg
Eric Westberg

Senior Solutions Architect


This content is part of a series around introducing Elastic Cloud, watch the other sessions:


Getting started with analyzing and visualizing data could not be easier than with our SaaS platform, Elastic Cloud. In a few clicks you can spin up Elasticsearch and Kibana — and scale to meet your data needs.

In this webinar, the third in a series of three, we show you how to move data to an Elastic Cloud cluster from another cluster, and how to handle the unexpected when you need to restore your data from a backup.

Highlights include:

  • Creating a cluster from an Elastic Cloud backup
  • Getting data from another cluster that is not in Elastic Cloud using
    • reindex from remote
    • restore from backup

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