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Elasticsearch Performance Optimization: A Tale of Two Tickets

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On the front lines of support we see more uses, challenges, and successes with Elasticsearch than anyone else in the world. For the first time, we're sharing some of these stories with you on a large scale.

In this webinar, Marty Messer, VP of Customer Care, will moderate a conversation with two senior engineers from the Elasticsearch Technical Support Team, Sean Gallagher and Pius Fung, about the details of two tales that we think could help you:

  • Speeding Up Query Performance - A new sentiment analysis company aggregating data across 20+ sources needed to optimize their query results for speed
  • Performance Optimization with Hadoop - A large wireless carrier optimized its Hadoop storage approach to reduce Elasticsearch ingestion and search time

If you've ever wondered what value customers gain from Elasticsearch support, then this is the webinar for you.

Sign up, come with questions, and we hope to see you there.