Elastic Stack ArcSight Integration

The Elastic Stack ArcSight integration enables users to easily stream their ArcSight data into the Elastic Stack. With a single command, the Logstash ArcSight module taps directly into the ArcSight data stream, parses and indexes the security events into Elasticsearch, and installs a suite of Kibana dashboards to enable immediate exploration of your relevant security data.

Join Elastic’s Mike Paquette, Director of Product, Security Market, and Alvin Chen, Senior Product Manager, along with Mary Writz, Director of Product Management, Micro Focus, for a conversation and live demo of the Elastic Stack ArcSight integration covering:

  • Integration architecture
  • Installation and configuration
  • Threat hunting dashboard example

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    Mike Paquette

    Director of Product, Security Market


    Alvin Chen

    Principal Product Manager


    Mary Writz

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