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Unlock your SOC: Stop threats with Limitless XDR

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James Spiteri
James Spiteri

Director, Product Management for Elastic Security



In this webinar, we’ll explore the possibilities unlocked by the power to analyze all of your security-relevant data. Tackle any conceivable SecOps use case your team may have by exploring data across your entire technology stack. Uncover long-dwelling threats and markers of newly discovered exploits by examining years of data. And do it all in a single, unified platform: Elastic Security, the world’s only free and open SIEM and Limitless XDR solution.

With Elastic Security, security teams no longer need to discard potentially useful data. Elastic licensing doesn’t penalize on data ingest volume, agent count, or use cases, allowing teams to perform machine learning, threat intelligence lookups, proactive hunting, and more — all at cloud scale, with no interruptions to workflows.


  • Addressing multiple security use cases — SIEM, XDR, threat hunting, and more — through a single platform
  • Performing historical lookback through years of data to uncover threats
  • Implementing endpoint protection for every host within the environment

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