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Elastic Security Essentials: Empower modern security analytics with AI-driven security analytics

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Haran Kumar
Haran Kumar

Senior Security Specialist



In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, AI-driven security analytics is more than a tool —; it is a strategic approach for the modern SOC, redefining how organizations navigate the complexities of a dynamic IT ecosystem and stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape. A key part of this approach is Elastic Security for SIEM, an open, unified solution with native endpoint and cloud security capabilities. Learn from Elastic’s global team of Security Specialists how Elastic Security for SIEM — with its built-in advanced entity analytics, machine learning, and Generative AI capabilities — significantly reduces false positives, streamlines threat detection, and accelerates incident response times.

Join this Part 1 of a two-part Elastic Security Essentials webinar series to learn how to modernize your security analytics with Elastic.


  • Elastic Security for SIEM architecture: Explore the architecture and setup of Elastic Security for SIEM
  • Data onboarding with Elastic integrations: Discover the power of Elastic integrations in seamlessly onboarding diverse data sources into the SIEM
  • Guided threat hunting with Elastic Security: Explore techniques to proactively hunt for potential threats and anomalies using Elastic Security for SIEM
  • Alert triage and investigation: Streamline the alert triage and investigation process using Elastic Security with built- in AI assistance

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