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Breaking down data silos with Elastic and Microsoft Azure

Hosted by

Steve Kearns
Steve Kearns

Vice President, Product Management


Rob Strechay
Rob Strechay

Senior Analyst


Ashmi Chokshi
Ashmi Chokshi

General Manager, Digital & Application Innovation



Companies across industries have turbocharged digital transformation efforts, innovating at lightning speed to keep up with changing demand. A recent study by McKinsey found that companies across industries have accelerated their digitization efforts by three to four years and the share of digital products in their offering has rocketed by an astounding seven years.

As teams deploy new applications and their cloud presence expands, companies are collecting more data than ever - giving leaders unprecedented insights into both internal operations and client interactions. 

In this session, ESG Senior Analyst Rob Strechay joins Steve Kearns (VP - Product Management, Elastic) and Ashmi Chokshi (General Manager, Digital & Application Innovation, Microsoft) to discuss how the proliferation of data is impacting decision making and the strategies teams can employ to ensure their data is being leveraged effectively to action innovations that drive business results.


  • How the cloud is shaping organizations’ digital innovation strategies
  • Explore best practices for building and maintaining new applications in the cloud
  • Managing App Dev at scale and the associated data
  • How to innovate and leverage data to meet and surpass business objectives
  • The importance of driving a good app-dev culture to attract and retain developers

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