Indices Filteredit

The indices filter can be used when executed across multiple indices, allowing to have a filter that executes only when executed on an index that matches a specific list of indices, and another filter that executes when it is executed on an index that does not match the listed indices.

    "indices" : {
        "indices" : ["index1", "index2"],
        "filter" : {
            "term" : { "tag" : "wow" }
        "no_match_filter" : {
            "term" : { "tag" : "kow" }

You can use the index field to provide a single index.

no_match_filter can also have "string" value of none (to match no documents), and all (to match all). Defaults to all.

filter is mandatory, as well as indices (or index).

The fields order is important: if the indices are provided before filter or no_match_filter, the related filters get parsed only against the indices that they are going to be executed on. This is useful to avoid parsing filters when it is not necessary and prevent potential mapping errors.