Range Queryedit

Matches documents with fields that have terms within a certain range. The type of the Lucene query depends on the field type, for string fields, the TermRangeQuery, while for number/date fields, the query is a NumericRangeQuery. The following example returns all documents where age is between 10 and 20:

    "range" : {
        "age" : {
            "gte" : 10,
            "lte" : 20,
            "boost" : 2.0

The range query accepts the following parameters:


Greater-than or equal to




Less-than or equal to




Sets the boost value of the query, defaults to 1.0

Added in 1.4.0.Beta1.

When applied on date fields the range filter accepts also a time_zone parameter. The time_zone parameter will be applied to your input lower and upper bounds and will move them to UTC time based date:

    "range" : {
        "born" : {
            "gte": "2012-01-01",
            "lte": "now",
            "time_zone": "+1:00"

In the above example, gte will be actually moved to 2011-12-31T23:00:00 UTC date.

if you give a date with a timezone explicitly defined and use the time_zone parameter, time_zone will be ignored. For example, setting gte to 2012-01-01T00:00:00+01:00 with "time_zone":"+10:00" will still use +01:00 time zone.