cat pluginsedit

The plugins command provides a view per node of running plugins. This information spans nodes.

% curl 'localhost:9200/_cat/plugins?v'
name    component       version        type isolation url
Abraxas cloud-azure     2.1.0-SNAPSHOT j    x
Abraxas lang-groovy     2.0.0          j    x
Abraxas lang-javascript 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT j    x
Abraxas marvel          NA             j/s  x         /_plugin/marvel/
Abraxas lang-python     2.0.0-SNAPSHOT j    x
Abraxas inquisitor      NA             s              /_plugin/inquisitor/
Abraxas kopf            0.5.2          s              /_plugin/kopf/
Abraxas segmentspy      NA             s              /_plugin/segmentspy/

We can tell quickly how many plugins per node we have and which versions.