• Geo queries used to use miles as the default unit. And we all know what happened at NASA because of that decision. The new default unit is meters.
  • For all queries that support fuzziness, the min_similarity, fuzziness and edit_distance parameters have been unified as the single parameter fuzziness. See Fuzziness for details of accepted values.
  • The ignore_missing parameter has been replaced by the expand_wildcards, ignore_unavailable and allow_no_indices parameters, all of which have sensible defaults. See the multi-index docs for more.
  • An index name (or pattern) is now required for destructive operations like deleting indices:

    # v0.90 - delete all indices:
    DELETE /
    # v1.0 - delete all indices:
    DELETE /_all
    DELETE /*

    Setting action.destructive_requires_name to true provides further safety by disabling wildcard expansion on destructive actions.