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Thousands of companies — including more than 50% of the Fortune 500 — rely on Elastic solutions. Learn how our latest breakthroughs are helping them lead with generative AI.

  • Adobe

    Making semantic search and RAG real: What it takes to build a prod-ready app

    Date: Tuesday, Nov 28 at 5:00 p.m.

    Session ID: AIM201-S

    Location: Venetian - Bellini 2005

    Speakers: Michael Heldebrant, Elastic, Fahd Siddiqui, Director of Engineering, Adobe, and Ayan Ray, Senior Partner Solutions Architect, Data & Analytics, AWS

    Enabling LLMs to function at scale hinges on private data retrieval, but it's not just about achieving the quickest kNN search results. Developers aiming to create scalable, converting search experiences require not only rapid kNN search but also simplicity, reliability, and security in handling data. Join us for a discussion on the journey of operationalizing enterprise-level AI search using LLMs to build pro-ready applications.

  • Informatica

    Transform data investigation via Elasticsearch Query Language (ES|QL)

    Date: Wednesday, Nov 29 at 4:00 p.m.

    Session ID: AIM233-S

    Location: Caesar's Forum - Forum 113

    Speakers: Ninoslav Miskovic and James Spiteri, Elastic

    Learn how Elasticsearch Query Language (ES|QL) transforms and simplifies data investigation while delivering advanced search capabilities, improving efficiency, and accelerating resolution with streamlined workflows. Also, learn how Elastic customer — Informatica — uses ES|QL to increase productivity, and how you can, too.


Elastic at AWS re:Invent

Discover why companies are using Elasticsearch for application performance monitoring (APM) and securing AWS cloud workloads. Join us to see how you can lead with generative AI. (And score some awesome swag and prizes.)

  • Let's JAM

    Join us November 27 at 2:00 p.m. for GHJ204|AWS Jam: Generative AI. Venue: Mandalay Bay, South L2, Mandalay Bay F. Get hands-on with Elasticsearch and learn how to empower a generative AI application with private data in Elastic.

  • Lightning talks

    Learn new tools and best practices on AWS and level up your organization's search, observability, and security capabilities with our AI-powered search analytics platform. All in 10-15 minute sessions. Tuesday - Thursday at booth #880.

  • Win with Elastic

    Make decisions to boost resilience, tackle risks, and improve productivity to save your organization (and your job!) in our choose-your-own-adventure game. It's a high-stakes gambit with prizes on the line!


Three solutions. One powerful search analytics platform.

Discover cloud-based, AI-powered solutions for enterprise security, observability, and search built on the Elasticsearch platform.

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    Build the best AI-powered experiences with Elastic Search, a platform that delivers data ingestion, a built-in semantic model for relevant search results, analytics, and insights. Backed by a robust developer community, Elastic Search helps you find what you need fast.

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    Monitor AWS cloud workloads with Elastic Observability. Unified metrics, logs, traces, and profiling provide ubiquitous visibility. Reduce MTTx with contextual insights from the AI Assistant. Lower costs and improve performance with Universal Profiling. Streamline operations with OpenTelemetry-based observability. Learn about all these operational advantages.

  • "all": "Elastic Security"


    Secure AWS cloud workloads with the power of Elastic Security. With AI and advanced entity analytics that help your team protect, investigate, and respond across your entire infrastructure in real time, Elastic Security reduces risk and improves MTTx by unifying SIEM, endpoint, and cloud security. See our collaboration with Amazon Bedrock too!

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