Grid Monitoring at CERN with Elastic

How CERN uses the Elastic technology stack within 5 different use cases for WLCG grid monitoring: Messaging, Job Monitoring, Data Monitoring, Infrastructure Monitoring and Cloud Benchmarking.

Pablo Saiz

Pablo Saiz is a computer scientist from Spain who has been working at CERN for the last 15 years. During that time, he has been involved with several areas related to distributed computing for the WLCG (Worldwide LHC Computing Grid). He was the main developer and project leader of AliEn, the ALICE Environment on the GRID. AliEn is the system used by ALICE (one of the LHC experiments) to distribute the data and workload among the more than seventy sites participating in the experiment. Currently, he leads a team that is responsible for the monitoring applications used by the WLCG. The team provides applications to monitor data distribution, job processing and service status. Pablo is the main designer of tools like the Site Status Board (SSB) and the Service Availability Monitoring (SAM3).