The benefits of using a Verified MSP for your Elastic deployments

Be free to focus on your core business


Why choose a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

Using an MSP allows you to focus on your core business instead of your IT infrastructure. The right MSP not only provides deep technical expertise and 24/7 monitoring and management of your infrastructure, but it can also improve core operational and procedural challenges over time to help you reduce costs and streamline operations, so your IT team can focus on projects that accelerate your business.

How do you know if a managed service provider is right for you?

Why is it that we see so many customers now considering or using an MSP or MSSP? From what we hear from our customers and MSP partners, several factors seem to be most impactful:

  1. The ever-changing and complex IT landscape: It is extremely difficult for customers to really evaluate technology when there are so many different options to consider, or even to stay compliant with the latest data protection, security, and privacy regulations. 

  2. The rate of innovation: The advances are so exponential, and customers are looking to highly specialized MSPs to support the architecture and management of their various technology solutions. 

  3. IT skills shortage: There are few specialized resources available for organizations to have the capability of managing their own environment.

  4. Rise in cyber attacks: Cyber threats to organizations of all types are on the rise, making it so critical for customers to align with either internal resources or MSSPs who can properly protect and remediate in case of a breach.

Elastic’s MSP partners have direct access to our trainings, documentation, and certifications. They know how to use Elastic® to its fullest, so they can help you realize — and speed up — business results. They have a deep understanding of our products and solutions and are the first to know about new features and launches. Plus, they have exclusive access to Elastic support 24/7.

Bonus: Verified, the new MSP designation

We continuously evolve our strategy based on customer needs, which prompted us to launch a new designation in our MSP program called Elastic Verified

Elastic Verified MSPs get access to additional benefits, including guided onboarding support and enablement with Elastic engineers and service co-creation workshops. Verified MSP partners undergo a rigorous review process by Elastic and are required to have the architecture, best practices, and resources in place to manage our products with a high level of service.

Ready to engage with an Elastic Verified MSP?

Whether you want to leverage Elastic within your data center or via the cloud, here are eight areas to consider when selecting a MSP:

  1. Support: Ensure that your preferred MSP offers 24/7 support and security operation center(s) across time zones.

  2. Pricing: Review pricing models to make sure it fits within your resources.

  3. Breadth of services: Consider your needs today, but also what you might need in one, three, or five years. Choose an MSP with a wide range of services so you’re able to grow together and build a lasting partnership. 

  4. Cloud or hybrid posture: What is your current environment? Make sure your MSP supports your model.

  5. Service offerings: Inquire about additional offerings, like consulting or migration services.

  6. References: Ask to see validated customer references and testimonials.

  7. Certifications and clearances: If your industry is regulated, ensure that your MSP has the right certifications and clearances. 

  8. Verified: Consider choosing an MSP who is Elastic Verified. This ensures the MSP has the correct architecture design, proof of 24/7 support, Elastic-certified engineers, successful customer deployments, and more.

Our current list of our Verified MSP partners includes:

Americas & Public SectorECS
EuropeNTT Data
Asia PacificSkillfield
Asia PacificNEC Security

By using one of our Elastic Verified MSP partners to design, operate, and manage your Elastic environments in the cloud, hybrid, or on-prem, you can rest assured that your Search, Observability, and/or Security solutions will be properly architected, defended, managed, and supported. 

When this is taken care of, you’ll be free to focus on running your business, gaining insights from your data, and attracting and retaining customers.

For more information, or if you are ready to get started, reach out to Elastic’s MSP team by sending an email to   

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