Join the Conversation: Discuss.Elastic.Co

As we’ve begun to scale up development on three different open source projects, we’ve found mailing lists to be a difficult solution for dealing with all of our needs for community support. We’ve had multiple mailing lists going, one dedicated to Elasticsearch and another to Logstash, plus numerous lists for speakers of languages other than English. We've found these many vectors of entry can be confusing for new folks trying to figure out where to go to ask a question.

We’ve also found our lists are becoming noisy in the “good problem to have” kind of way. As we’ve seen more user adoption, and across such a wide variety of use cases, we’re getting widely different types of questions asked. It can be hard to separate signal from noise on a general list. Plus, not all of our users are comfortable with mailing lists.

At Elastic, we love to solve our users' problems. We've found a solution that we hope will work well for all of our community members, so head on over to our discussion forum at Join the conversation and let us know what you think of the new communication tool.

Lover of mailing lists, but not a fan of web forums? No problem! Create a user profile on the forum - you can also do this simply by using your GitHub, Facebook, Twitter or Google Apps credentials, plus plain old sign in with email address - and do a quick one time set up of your preferences for email notifications. Once that's done, you can interact with the forums solely via email using these handy instructions.

Use, share and enjoy. And, of course, let us know what you think and how we can improve your experience!