How Elasticsearch helps the U.S. Navy have "Real Time Situational Awareness"


As the U.S. Navy carries out its Information Superiority Vision, Navy leadership recognizes the need for technology tools that increase their cyber situational awareness, accelerate software development, and keep their cloud-enabled network performant and defensible. Not only must these technologies align with a new National Defense Strategy expected in early 2022, but they must also deliver on the Navy’s objective to expand their digital competitive advantage.

At Elastic, our role is to help commanders and warfighters use search to achieve data-dependent use cases like real-time situational awareness, DevSecOps pipeline acceleration, cyber protection, and interoperable data analytics. Our search-based platform, deployable on cloud or on-premises, is ideal for services like the Navy and Marine Corps that have personnel and systems dispersed across the globe and need a way to query, visualize, and share information at mission speed.

  1. **Real-time situational awareness (RTSA). **At Elastic, we help organizations ingest massive amounts of data from across organizational silos or legacy systems, correlate and analyze data with a speed layer, and drive multi-tenancy decision making with intuitive dashboards. RTSA can be employed for mission, supply chain management, facility security, and network management — such as geospatial visibility into the Navy’s cloud environment, which reduces mean time to resolution (MTTR) for any issues found.

  2. DevSecOps pipeline acceleration. At Elastic, we empower development teams with blazing fast search across DevSecOps infrastructure and operations data to identify performance issues, make critical business decisions, and detect threats. Our observability and security solutions for DevSecOps can seamlessly support the DoD software factories that accelerate delivery of capability to the warfighter.

  3. Cyber protection. DoD cybersecurity service providers (CSSP) and cyber protection teams (CPTs), which support the Navy, Marine Corps, and other service branches, use Elastic on assignments ranging from network security monitoring to threat hunting. With Limitless XDR, Elastic provides CSSPs and CPTs with deeper insights into host-based telemetry, protection, and more.

  4. Interoperable data analytics. At Elastic, we provide an analytics advantage in big data environments that require interoperability for joint operations. Regardless if data resides in siloed or legacy systems, we are able to standardize data with a common schema and facilitate analytics where they are needed using cross-cluster search. One area where Elastic adds immense value is in enabling users to query a petabyte of data in under 10 minutes using searchable snapshots, ideal for long-term mission analysis.

By achieving these data-dependent use cases with Elastic, commanders and warfighters are better enabled to achieve and maintain a digital edge that no adversary can match. All hands on deck ― count the Elastic team in.

For a deeper dive into how Elastic helps the Navy achieve its Information Superiority Vision, read the full article in the February 2022 issue of AFCEA SIGNAL magazine. To schedule a demonstration at WEST 2022 (February 16-18), email our Navy mission support team at, or start a cloud trial of Elastic now.

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A modified version of this blog post appeared in the February 2022 issue of AFCEA SIGNAL magazine.