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Elastic Stack Release - 5.0.0-beta1

We’ve reached a milestone in the 5.0.0 release. Today, we are pleased to announce that the first public beta is available for download. At Elastic, a beta indicates that the products have reached feature freeze and the final effort is in squashing any unexpected bugs or regressions. It should look, and feel, very similar to the final GA release.

Of course, it is software, so we reserve the right to change our mind and implement/change things that make the world better for you.

Before you get too excited, keep in mind that this is still a beta, so don’t put it into production. If you open a bug report, today, you too can become an Elastic Pioneer. And now, without further ado, some highlights from beta1.


For more detailed information, and many other features, peruse the Elasticsearch detail post.

  • Indexing performance - It’s Fast...very fast. With an 80% increase in indexing performance in benchmarks.
  • Geo is faster, too - Changing from GeoPoint to LatLonPoint doubles the speed of geo-distance queries
  • Painless by default - Gone is Groovy. Say Heya to Painless.

From 2.3.x to 5.0. The magical journey. The undiscovered country. The next frontier. Other coined phrases. As a reminder, we’ve also released the Migration Helper, which runs on your existing 2.3 cluster.  Use this site plugin to prep for your migration.


To quote the detail post, “Kibana is where the party is”.

  • Time series data - Timelion is no longer re{Search}. It’s a fully supported, first-class citizen of Kibana core.
  • Scripted fields - Choosing your scripting language should be painless. Also, you should choose to use Painless.


Did we say we <3 logs? The Elastic Stack is great for log management and analysis, and thousands of users use Logstash and the rest of the stack to crunch application logs of all kinds. Logstash as a software is no exception — we emit internal logs which can be used by operators to troubleshoot issues. In this release, we've significantly improved the debugging capability of Logstash by revamping its internal logging framework. Oh, and new, shiny APIs. Check out the deets in this blog.


We collect data from the edge. We document all the updates are in a single Beats detail post.

  • Moar modules, Moar metrics - PostgreSQL and HAProxy are added to the supported module list.
  • Easily import dashboards - Each beat package comes with an app import_dashboards that accepts a URL to any local or online archive


ES-Hadoop v 5.0.0-beta1 has also been released today. Peruse all the information in the detail post.

  • Spark streaming support - ES-Hadoop natively supports consuming DStreams from Spark Streaming 1.3-1.6.
  • Ingest Flexibility - In beta1 you can specify an ingest pipeline to send your data to, as well as target only ingest nodes.

Get it Now!

Happy testing. Your feedback is instrumental in making 5.0 successful. And, don't forget that X-Pack is here and continually being updated with each pre-release.