Elastic Cloud subscription and billing enhancements come to AWS Marketplace

We are excited to bring you a number of updates for using Elastic Cloud (Elasticsearch managed service) in the AWS Marketplace.

New self-service subscription options

You can now purchase Standard, Gold, Platinum, and Enterprise monthly subscriptions directly within the AWS Marketplace. With just a few clicks, you’ll get access to enhanced support options backed by service-level agreements and capabilities exclusive to the Elastic Stack, including Elastic APM, Elastic Workplace Search, and the rest of our solutions for enterprise search, observability, and security. You can also change your subscription level directly in the Marketplace console as your business needs evolve. When you upgrade from Standard to Gold, Platinum, or Enterprise, your access to features is instant, as is your ability to take advantage of the corresponding support level.


Your Elastic Cloud bill is determined by your usage for a given time period — also known as resource-based pricing. You can learn about the specifics of which features and solutions come with different subscription options on our pricing and subscription pages.

Monthly billing allows you to analyze and adjust your subscription usage without entering into a long-term commitment. This flexibility can be useful as you determine which features make the most sense for your use case and how much of the service you need to consume. When your deployment size and feature requirements become clear, we offer the option to consider an annual subscription with deeper discounts.

Billing and usage analysis made easier

When you purchase an Elastic subscription through the AWS Marketplace, your Elastic usage charges will appear as a single line item in your AWS consolidated monthly bill. These charges are deductible from prepaid AWS Enterprise Discount Program agreements.

You can also now view your usage history in the new Elastic Cloud cost analysis page. You can compare your previous bills and correlate them with cash transactions as well as credit balances. You can also easily explore and analyze costs by product and deployment. This gives you greater visibility into your resource consumption and provides you with insights into how your spending fluctuates and changes over time. All of this information allows you to better understand your utilization and more accurately forecast costs. 

Getting started

Log in to the AWS Marketplace to manage your subscription, or visit the cost analysis page in the Elastic Cloud console to start exploring your usage.