Elastic Cause Awards - 'Cause doing good matters

Technology itself is not an end goal, it’s the means to the end of solving a problem, meeting requirements, eliminating challenges, building something new, innovating or changing how we experience what’s possible. Software enables us to progress toward a future that’s even better and I care very deeply about that power.

As Elastic has grown and you - the extraordinary community has grown rapidly with us - we are continually excited, inspired, motivated and thrilled by how you are using the Elastic Stack to help improve the world. We’ve seen Elasticsearch used to track malaria vaccinations in South Africa. At Elastic{ON}16 we heard a talk by Giant Oak about their work using Elasticsearch to fight human trafficking. We’ve read research by a group of computer engineers in India using Elasticsearch to build a natural disaster prediction system. We were so moved, proud and humbled by these stories that we would love to learn about more impassioned work we know you are doing. Even further, we consider it our responsibility to share it back with you, to let everyone know the reach and impact this very special Elastic community possesses.

So this year, we are launching the first-ever Elastic Cause Awards to celebrate three Elastic user-community projects that are using the Elastic Stack to advance the greater good. Whether your work is focused on improving the human condition, working for a better global environment or helping a particular population through technology, we would like to hear how the Elastic Stack plays an important role.

The Cause Awards will be awarded annually, beginning with Elastic{ON}17. Each of the selected project teams will receive complimentary conference tickets and hotel stay for up to two project members and will be featured in various special events at the conference.

We’re excited to hear about your cause and how you’re using the Elastic Stack to positively and passionately impact the world. The deadline is December 1, submit your entry.