Product release

Elastic App Search 7.5.0 released

We’re pleased to announce the release of Elastic App Search 7.5.0 — available as a managed service or as a download. This release features new Result Settings, performance improvements, a Metricbeat monitoring module for App Search, and API logs and analytics available in Elastic Common Schema.

Optimized response times and improved search experiences with Result Settings

The default fields returned and highlighted with a query response can now be controlled in the App Search dashboard, so you can optimize query performance and improve search experiences. See the Result Settings release post for more details.

Result Settings UI

Performance improvements via merged processes, queue management and logging reduction

We've merged all App Search processes into one, which means better resource utilization and performance. (Previously, there were three processes: the core server, a worker process, and a Filebeat instance for analytics and event logging.)

Additionally, we’ve made significant improvements in requests queue management that allow App Search to handle higher request loads and fail gracefully if load limits are reached.

But that’s not all. We've also removed the health check from App Search logs and added an option to slim down health checks, so users can exclude queue state information from the results. This improves performance by reducing the load on the underlying Elasticsearch clusters. To access this lightweight version of the health check, pass a ?verbose=false flag to the health API endpoint.

Monitoring capabilities with the Metricbeat App Search module

We’ve added an App Search module for Metricbeat, so monitoring can be done within the Elastic Stack. The module calls App Search’s health API endpoint and provides various stats, including:

  • JVM memory usage
  • Queue counts
  • API and dashboard response times
  • Request rate

Check out the Metricbeat docs for details on how to add the App Search module.

API logs and analytics available in Elastic Common Schema

App Search API logs and analytics are now available in Elastic Common Schema (ECS), so you can analyze your App Search logs alongside any other data in applications like Elastic SIEM.

To toggle logs and analytics in ECS, simply update app-search.yml to include the following:

enable_ecs_logs: true

See it in action

App Search 7.5 provides the search and tooling for a great search experience that’s now even more performant and measurable. Download it today to give it a try!