4 Elastigrads share the wellness benefits they’re most excited about in their first job


One of the best benefits of landing a full-time position, besides the opportunity to grow your career and use your skill set, is the, well, the benefits themselves.

While navigating the ins and outs of programs offered by a company, especially if you’ve never done it before, can be overwhelming, it’s worth the effort to understand what is provided so you can take full advantage.

Elastic® has a variety of programs and resources designed with our Elasticians in mind that stretch beyond the standard health insurance and retirement plans. These programs, encompassed under one umbrella called Be.Well@Elastic, provide support when and where you need it. Plus, they all support our
Source Code values.

We asked new Elasticians and recent grads — who all joined the company through Elastigrad — what benefits and programs they were most excited about when they joined Elastic and which ones they use the most.

Here’s what they had to say:

“I use our Volunteer Time Off (VTO) program. VTO enables employees to donate 40 hours per calendar year (with pay and benefits) to volunteer at an organization of our choice. Using this benefit, I volunteer one hour per week with an organization named Heart Math Tutoring, which gives young students successful experiences in math through one-on-one tutoring during the school day. During college, I volunteered in local schools and love that Elastic has this benefit which allows me to continue to give back.”

-Perri Smith - Jr. Integration Engineer 

“Elastic provides access to Ginger, also known as Headspace Care, for all Elasticians. This allows Elasticians to receive on-demand emotional health support whenever they need it. I've personally taken advantage of this perk as I navigate life post-graduation, simply to have someone to talk to during this transitional period. 

Additionally, Elastic supports an "active and fit" culture by offering gym membership benefits to its employees. An excellent example is our Elastic Kickball team in the Austin office, which exemplifies the company's commitment to keeping its employees engaged and active.”

-Claire McCarthy, Sales Development Representative

“Elastic's amazing benefits, paired with its inclusive culture, have greatly facilitated my post-graduation transition in more ways than I could’ve ever imagined. They have fostered a positive work-life balance and professional development, making Elastic more than just a workplace; it's an enriching and holistic experience that I’m grateful for everyday.

Engaging in the Elastigrad program has opened doors to a multitude of opportunities, providing a platform for me to cultivate and enhance my professional development. Over the course of the program, we've had various training sessions, including hands-on workshops dedicated to refining our personal and professional brand, as well as sessions featuring prominent leaders within our organization, such as Adam Gross, Global VP of Sales, and our Chief Marketing Officer. These experiences have enriched my professional skill set and expanded my professional network.”

-Sophia Cardenas, Sales Development Representative

“One of our core values is “Space, Time”, giving employees the space and time to step away from work to reset our minds with the generous amount of paid time off given to us. Using your PTO is encouraged at Elastic! 

Sometimes solutions or ideas for a programming problem I am working on don't come to me while actively working on the issue. Some of my greatest ideas and solutions come to me when I have the chance to step away from the problem and live my life. 

Employees are also given great mental health resources like Ginger (now Headspace Care) which gives me access to a therapist I can connect with remotely wherever and whenever. This has helped me greatly during a time when I was going through a lot of change in my life.”

-Johnny Ly - Junior Salesforce Developer - ElastiGrad

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