How Elasticians celebrate their culture this Elasticians Unidos month


Hispanic Heritage month — or as we like to call it, Elasticians Unidos month to align with our Elasiticans Unidos ERG — is celebrated every year from September 15 through October 15 in the United States. We’re taking that celebration global and honoring the impact Hispanic Americans have had on the world. 

As a global company, we celebrate cultural diversity and its positive impact on our Elasticians, teams, and business. Where someone comes from is a big part of who they are and personal experiences shape so much of who we are.

We have a
few different events scheduled for Elasticians to participate in throughout Elasticians Unidos month, including a fireside chat with Latinitas, an organization that empowers girls to innovate through media and technology, an interactive event that showcases cultural phrases and their direct translations, and two volunteer opportunities for members living in the Americas and EMEA.

But, we wanted to know what parts of their culture Elasticians love to celebrate. So, we asked Elasticians what their favorite way is to celebrate their culture—be it food, music, a family tradition, etc. 

Here’s what they had to say:

“In my Mexican family, Christmas Eve, or "Nochebuena," holds great significance. We get together on December 24 to do something super special — make tamales. We mix the dough, stuff them, and wrap them up in corn husks. While we wait for them to cook, we hang out, listen to music, play Loteria (Mexican bingo), and enjoy some café de olla (delicious coffee). At midnight, we dive into the freshly cooked tamales and open our gifts, marking the start of our Christmas celebration!”

-Ana Cervantes, Employer Brand Associate

“Though I am not Latino, my fiancé is, and my future mother in law taught me how to make her coquito, so I always make a large batch around Thanksgiving for him to give to his co-workers.   It's obviously not as good as hers, but he's given his stamp of approval!”

-Allie Cerami, Workplace Experience Coordinator

“Independence Day in Mexico we gather with friends and family to make Pozole Rojo and sometimes we have a piñata. Also, some "cuetes" (fireworks, but the loud ones) and have fun at 11:00 pm when the "Grito de la independencia" happens.  The president of Mexico will be in the downtown of Mexico City to celebrate with thousands of people that gather there to celebrate with fireworks and music, normally mariachis. It’s a super fun celebration!”

-Luis Campero, Graphic Designer II

“Food is always a staple in our household but I would add that music is a big one - Tuki Tuki during Christmas, classic artists like Juan Luis Guerra, Julio Iglesias, Jose Jose. The list goes on!”

-Marcela Rysbekov, Regional Vice President

“There are some things we do that we don’t even realize are traditions until we move to a different country. Like listening to Brazilian music, eating rice and beans for lunch, enjoying ‘pão de queijo,’ or a ‘brigadeiro,’ having a family dinner the night before Christmas, or simply the language itself—speaking in Portuguese. These are simple things, but they all mean celebrating our culture every day."

-Priscilla Parodi, Principal Developer Advocate

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