Articles By Tony Sleva

04 February 2019 Culture

Life@ Spotlight | DJ Gill: Infra Engineer, NodeSchool Mentor

By Nohealani WrightTony Sleva

Elastic wouldn't be Elastic without its Elasticians. In this spotlight, meet DJ Gill. Infra engineer by day, JavaScript mentor by night.

08 January 2019 Engineering

Aftershock Therapy with Elasticsearch and CSV Data Import

By Tony Sleva

Unrelenting seismic activity got you down? Don't let aftershocks stand in the way of your happiness. Analyze earthquake data with Elastic and set yourself free.

06 November 2018 User Stories

Improving the GoDaddy User Experience with Elastic Machine Learning

By Tony Sleva

Learn how GoDaddy went from siloed clusters to centralized Elasticsearch to using machine learning to improve the user experience and track business KPIs.

31 October 2018 Culture

Family-Powered Design: Doodles and Drawings from Elastic Kiddos

By Sejal KorenrompYichun Hsieh

Every designer should hope to be as imaginative as a child with a box of crayons and a freshly painted wall.

24 October 2018 User Stories

SAP Concur: Elastic Logging as a DevOps Strategy

By Tony Sleva

Learn how SAP Concur has grown their logging solution from an IT necessity to a DevOps strategy, enabling easy end-to-end service ownership.

12 September 2018 User Stories

Rabobank: Enhancing the Online Banking Experience with Elasticsearch

By Tony Sleva

Learn how Rabobank was able to leverage the Elastic Stack to help their customers access more historical financial data in less time.

14 August 2018 User Stories

Operational Logging at Lyft: Migrating from Splunk Cloud to Amazon ES to Self-Managed Elasticsearch

By Tony Sleva

Learn why Lyft took their operational logging solution into their own hands with self-managed Elasticsearch.

05 April 2018 News

Swiftype App Search: Using its Intuitive Interface to Implement Elasticsearch

By Tony Sleva

Swiftype App Search makes it even easier to implement powerful Elasticsearch solutions within your custom applications.

29 March 2018 News

Data Rollups in Elasticsearch: You Know, for Saving Space

By Tony Sleva

Elasticsearch has always been great for zooming in, but with data rollups on the roadmap, it’s going to be great at zooming out too.