Articles By Renuka Hermon

09 January 2018 News

2017 Year in Review

By Renuka Hermon

A 2017 highlight reel including machine learning, 6.0, team events, and new partnerships.

10 November 2017 Culture

Monitoring the Dark Army with Kibana on Mr. Robot

By Renuka Hermon

Elliot uses Kibana to visualize the Dark Army’s efforts to steal data in eps3.4_runtime-error.r00 of Mr. Robot.

30 October 2017 Culture

Thank You for Speaking: Motivation from Elastic{ON} Tour Toronto

By Renuka Hermon

Speaking takes guts, but at an Elastic event, you’ll be sharing your story (and humor) with a built-in fan base.

16 June 2017 User Stories

Addressing Human Security Issues: Cause Award Honoree IST Research

By Renuka Hermon

IST Research gathers data from hard-to-reach populations and uses the Elastic Stack to help counter issues like human trafficking.

27 April 2017 User Stories

Behavior Correlation using Elasticsearch: Cause Award Honoree

By Renuka Hermon uses data to help parents, teachers, and mental health professionals make connections between specific behaviors and potential violence.